Bay City Visions RL book – On Sale Now!

bay-city-visions-book-cover It’s here! 46 pages of full-size photos….24 photographers…all in an 8.5×11 book.  Carlotta Ceawlin’s (Best in Show) “Bay City Rollers” is on the front cover, and Marianne McCann’s “Little Girl in the Big City” is on the back cover.  Softcover books are $24.99 + shipping.  (I’m selling at cost.)

Get your copy now!

Philip Rosedale overviews Second Life

For those who haven’t had a chance to see Phil in action, here’s a link to a half-hour talk that he gave back in May in Pasadena. While he doesn’t talk about any of the big inworld issues of the day, he does share his background and philosophy on Second Life, as well as some big picture things about the metaverse that he finds interesting. If this high-level dialogue interests you, it’s worth a watch/listen.

And congrats to Torley – it looks like Phil used your photo feed as his background!