Bay City Visions is open

bay-city-visions-show-signI’ve still got some minor work to do, and 1 more piece to hunt down, but consider the Bay City Visions show open for your viewing pleasure throughout the month of December!

I’m very pleased with the overall quality of the entrants in the show, which includes SL photography from:

  • Marianne McCann
  • Sunn Thunders
  • Poid Mahovlich
  • Connie Arida
  • Ferba Ferraris
  • Mack Brezoianu
  • Deuxmarie Tolsen
  • Corcosman Voom
  • Often Hird
  • Special Jewell
  • Jazz Calhern
  • BlueGin Yifu
  • Princess Ivory
  • Wildstar Beaumont
  • DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret
  • Shadoe Landman
  • Tary Allen
  • Harris Givens
  • Gavin Hird
  • Davinna Glitter
  • Carlotta Ceawlin
  • Oona Pinion
  • Mab MacMoragh

Callipygian Christiansen and I also put some thematically-appropriate pieces up, but we’re not included in the contest judging for obvious reasons…we’re contest judges.

Contest?  What’s this about a contest?  Indeed, ’tis true.  A 5 member panel consisting of yours truly; Harper Beresford, photographer and curator; Callipygian Christensen, SL photographer and  Torley Olmstead and Ravenelle Zugzwang, longtime grid figures and advocates/practioners of the inworld photographic arts.  We’re going to take about a week or so and will try to collectively identify the photo that “Captures the essence of any or all of the 12 Bay City sims in each photographer’s unique style, whether in an unretouched SL snapshot image or one retouched in a graphics program.”  Contest winner gets free exhibit space at the Second Arts inworld gallery for a month following the conclusion of the exhibit and a RL copy of a book produced using the images from the exhibit.

Expect a special event to celebrate the show and announce the winner.  I’m working out the details – an announcement will be forthcoming.  But don’t let that stop you…come by and see the Bay City visions of some of Second Life’s creative community!