Bay City Visions entries due Friday

bay-city-visions-flagThe Bay City Visions show is coming up in December, and those white “Insert Photo Here” signs are slowly filling up the gallery.  If you haven’t entered your photos, now’s the time – deadline for submissions is Friday!

If you want information on how to have your works in the show and enter them in the contest for a free month’s show and a free copy of the RL show book, here’s the scoop.

Following Tary Allen’s great suggestion, I also opened up a Flickr photo group for “Bay City Visions” over the weekend.  We already have over 100 members, and I believe we’re over 10 photos posted to the group.  Some of them are entries in the contest, some aren’t…which is great, as I think a photo group devoted to Bay City can live past any single art show or contest.  The collection of sims has enough going for it, enough creativity and style, that it’s eminently photographable (Is that a word – photographable?).  

Anyhoo – get your photos in now!  Time is running out!

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