Enjoying the sunset

Catching a moment at Las Arenas Rosadas, thinking of my RL vacation to come in Mexico this January…. A weekend ends, a week begins. Nice to begin the week with a sense of tranquility!
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Bumped into a “Bay City Visions” entrant…

When I logged in, I ran into Connie Sec (SL: Connie Arida) – who was checking out the Second Arts gallery for the first time.  Connie offered two very nice pieces for the “Bay City Visions” show, which will be starting at the end of the month.  


Connie Arida, visiting Second Arts

Connie Arida, visiting Second Arts, by Morris Vig

There is such wonderful creativity in the SL photographic arts.  Connie and I were swapping notes, and she shared a few examples of her skill, which I will share after the fold…

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What a creative marketing idea!

OK, this is worthy of some free publicity: