Photographers: Share your Bay City Visions!

Bay City is an area of the Second Life grid featuring planned terraforming, urban design and themed building.

To celebrate this unique area,  Morris Vig of Second Arts invites you to submit two images to the photography contest “Bay City Visions.”

bay-city-visions-flagThe challenge:

Capture the essence of any or all of the 12 Bay City sims in your own unique style, whether in an unretouched SL snapshot image or one retouched in a graphics program.

All participants will receive an in-world catalogue of the exhibit; the winner of Bay City Visions will receive free exhibit space at Second Arts for a month following the conclusion of the exhibit and a RL copy of a book produced using the images from the exhibit.

Rules for the contest are as follows:

  • Each participant will submit two images taken within any of the 12 Bay City sims and provide the location (SLURL) where the images were taken.
  • Images will be of a PG nature.
  • Images will be submitted to Morris Vig by e-mail to by November 28, 2008
  • Images are to be submitted in these dimensions: 1547 pixels high X 2067 pixels wide(This is the optimum size for the production of the RL book. If you are unable to provide in this format and size, please contact Morris Vig to discuss alternate possibilities.)
  • Images to be submitted as .bmp or .jpg.

Entering images indicates permission for and acceptance of the following:

  • Display at Second Arts from December 1, 2008 through December 31, 2008 ( all participants may set images for sale during this time–no gallery commission will be charged)
  • Reproduction of the image as part of a, flash-based (non-copyable) presentation on the Second Arts blog ( to promote the exhibit.
  • Use of the images for production of an in-world catalogue; a copy will go to each participant and each judge. No copies will be sold.
  • Use of the images for production of a RL book, available through the Second Arts blog.
  • One copy of this book will be given to the contest winner; other copies of the book will be available for purchase and will be sold at cost with no profit to Morris Vig. The artists will be credited by avatar name in the book for their images.
  • The decision of the judges will be final; one contest winner will be announced and judges may award Honourable Mentions to other images as they see fit.
  • No other use of images submitted to this contest will occur. The original photographer retains all rights to the image other than the uses described above.

Judges for this contest will be Morris Vig, past owner of Oyster Bay and owner of Second Arts; Harper Beresford, photographer and curator; Callipygian Christensen, SL photographer and  Torley Olmstead and Ravenelle Zugzwang, longtime grid figures and advocates/practioners of the inworld photographic arts.

Any questions can be directed via inworld IM to Morris Vig. We hope you will consider participating in this celebration of Bay City and SL photography!

[UPDATE: Thanks to Hamlet Au for the mention in New World Notes!]

[ANOTHER UPDATE: I’ve added a Bay City Visions group to Flikr.  Over 120 members so far, and some great SL photograpy from Bay City…and my pieces.]