My latest build

With the election on the horizon, I hastily put up a somewhat realistic billboard on my newly-acquired property in Bay City (right next door to Second Arts – Japanese pagoda begone!). I then dropped in a handful of Obama textures and let them cycle through the closing of the polls. With the election over, I tried to figure out what to do next with it. I liked the “message” capacity and wanted to make people think – so I dropped in some provocative life questions. Enjoy!
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The day after the world changed

I’ve pushed Barack Obama for President enough, so let me just say that I am very pleased.

There was great merriment in Second Life ™ last night, and I thought it would be good to recognize the temporary nature of the grid and document the many Obama-themed builds, “headquarters,” and gathering places to catch the election returns.  Here’s a slideshow, presenting a repreesentative sample of the user-created content applied to this very exciting election, taken the day after the world changed:


Apparently M Linden is going to address Void Sims today.

Why announce that an announcement is forthcoming….why not just deliver M’s message itself?  Did the Lindens think that such an intermediate step would stop the bleeding on the PR front?

All this did is heighten expectations with the pitchfork-wielding class.