“New Prim Abuses” by Gore Suntzu

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The great “prim abuser” is at it agan.  Here’s a sample of the pieces that he’s created…of course, showing off the incredible kinetic display that Gore does so well, playing with rotating prims and/or textures:

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Gore also is wonderfully grounded in his work, offering this “artist statement” about the prim abuses:

 …   My  abuses are unreal prim sculptures made with sculpties (mostly) , and with a lil scripting to make them alive.  The best word I can use to describe them is “pulsating.” Do they have a meaning? Boh! I dont know, but if the music is nice and the moon is full, sometimes it  can happen that they catch the mood of the people that are looking at them 😉 … – Gore Suntzu

Photo by Aldbaran Galicia, courtesy of SnapzillaThe other element that makes this show so special is that he is displaying in the Chakyrn Forest.  Imagine the pieces in the slideshow above against this backdrop.  You’ll have to tp in to see for yourself, but this scene gives you a hint:

Go check out this great show.  Really, go.  It’s worth the trip!

3 Responses

  1. I’m confused. I thought that the land that Bettina owned that housed Chakryn Forest had to be sold last April 2008? I have photographs I took there at the time, to be sure I had them before it was deleted. Was it able to be saved?

    Princess Ivory

  2. I think it moved to its own sim.

  3. i Think old Chakryn Forest now is called Silvanus Forest
    all the story is here


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