My trip through Syncretia

Alpha Auer has made a visually stunning sim in Syncretia.  It’s one of those rare places that doesn’t try to remake real life on the grid but rather plays with impressions and evokes moods.  In this case, the mood is a little dark…which plays well in Second Life ™.

Here’s a photologue of my travels around the sim.  As I said, it’s a dark sim…and I tried to use the darkness as a photo tool and not an obstacle.  Still, it may come out dark to you.  Let’s hope it works!

FYI, the last couple slideshows were created using the Polaroid HUD from Burt Laundry.  It should surprise no regular reader of this blog that this store is located in a Japanese sim!

Nothing beats an old-fashioned Second Life rant

Note to self: Don’t bother building a medieval-themed sim in Second Life ™ unless planning on making it Gorean-themed.  It tends to cause some stress.

(WARNING: The linked post contains some adult language.  Quite a bit, actually.)

15 days until change