We’re a bunch of whiners

So says Gwynneth – as it relates to the Second Life ™ economy.

I’ve spouted off enough on other issues, so I’ll let you read this piece for yourself.

(Gotta get back to the arts and art scene…)

2 Responses

  1. yeah me too… i thought about this, and then was too lazy to turn it into some opinion in text.

    3 Cliches of the day to revive your SL business again:

    1) don’t look a gift horse in the mouth
    2) a rolling stone gathers no moss
    3) smoke 2 joints before i smoke 2 joints and then i smoke 2 more

  2. welp… i tried to comment on her blog but received a fatal error and wouldn’t post… so here’s my comment:
    I been in SL almost 3 years…. been in SL as a full time profession for 2 years.

    It’s all been working out for me. :O)
    Every time I think it’s SL that’s changing, I adjust my strategy and ask what I can do to transform my business for the better. Seems to always work out good that way. I’m not stuck to any set way of being that “used to work”…. my business is me, and what I do, every day in SL…. and that always happens…. so I guess that means business is great.

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