As a basis of comparison…

…this is what “computer game” users are used to seeing.  One would figure that noobs are coming from this perspective:

So that’s where the virtual world bar is at.  I acknowledge that there is some great machinima being made, just as this is a great machinima, but….does SL look like this all of the time?  I hazard to guess that Grand Theft Auto IV doesn’t have the lag, the blurry/grey textures, etc.  And how many avatars can the networked version of GTA IV hold?

I’m not saying the comparison is fair, considering that SL has so much user-created content and that GTA IV is only available on game systems like XBox and PlayStation, but life isn’t fair.  SL suffers by comparison, which is why Vig’s Unified Theory of Second Life is so relevant.  Let’s hope that Linden Lab solves these fundamental issues before the virtual world industry passes it by.

4 Responses

  1. I remember my video game playing days started to end around the time the “in game movie” started to make an appearance. I think it may have been Final Fantasy 7 or 8….. where I bought it thinking the graphics are so amazing…. and as I play it, I come to find out its just a 4 month long movie. 10 minute movie, move up, talk to a guy, 10 minute movie, go back to other guy, 10 minute movie…..

    I’m not sure game players these days even know what they’re looking for…. they’re looking for “gameplay” and “control feel” and “graphics” and “sound” …. and they’re all so vague….

    video games may have nicer graphics, but consider non-movie video games…. yes, crisper, cleaner, physics nicer… but it’s not too far off….
    Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas, the best video game ever made in my opinion…. it looks and feels similar to second life in my opinion

  2. another comment…. this is mechinima…. set up shots for perfect looking action, cuts, edits, etc.

    Perhaps every 15 minutes in second life, every user is forced to watch a nicely filmed SL mechinima video. would that make the gamer’s experience better?

  3. I acknowledged that it’s machinima, and that other great SL-created machinima exist. It’s also an example of modern video gameplay…and that SL needs to get as close to it as possible.

  4. “unlocking levels” and “unlocking extra fight moves” would be cool too

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