Kyle Beltran plays “The Refuge and Expansion”

One of the metaverse’s top pianists played another Calligypian Christensen- organized benefit for Heifer International. He’s a fun performer, with a great sense of humor and a combination of both fast and gentle tunes. His cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” was especially poignant in this setting. As for the venue, I am in constant wonder of AM Radio’s incredible work. There is nothing like it in Second Life.
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As a basis of comparison…

…this is what “computer game” users are used to seeing.  One would figure that noobs are coming from this perspective:

So that’s where the virtual world bar is at.  I acknowledge that there is some great machinima being made, just as this is a great machinima, but….does SL look like this all of the time?  I hazard to guess that Grand Theft Auto IV doesn’t have the lag, the blurry/grey textures, etc.  And how many avatars can the networked version of GTA IV hold?

I’m not saying the comparison is fair, considering that SL has so much user-created content and that GTA IV is only available on game systems like XBox and PlayStation, but life isn’t fair.  SL suffers by comparison, which is why Vig’s Unified Theory of Second Life is so relevant.  Let’s hope that Linden Lab solves these fundamental issues before the virtual world industry passes it by.