Unofficial Burning Life blog calls it a day, blames event staff

GavinLeigh Wake, producer of the “SL Burning Life Blog,” announced that the blog will cease activity after 3 years of covering Second Life’s annual festival of (somewhat) unbridled creativity:

It’s with some regret that after three years of blogging the Burning Life event I have decided to close the door on at the end of this years festival coverage.

 This year I have been told by certain event staff to not mention this blog in any official chat, or mention alternative chat venues to reduce stress on the official channel. I have even had a member of staff call a Ranger and make me remove my shirt. Not to mention being threatened with legal action.

This is a real shame.  It just burns me to no end that someone whose work clearly shows their love for the event being stomped upon.  I used GavinLeigh’s blog as a way to “see” a whole lot of Burning Life without having to endure the atrocious lag, and now it’s gone because of some apparent control issues.  It’s not like GavinLeigh was criticizing the event – the blog was all about publicizing it in its many forms.  Sigh. 

GavinLeigh, please feel free to post here any time you want.  Shoot me an IM inworld and we’ll make arrangements.

One Response

  1. This was the first “LL” event that I was 100% not involved in….. even before BurningLife started, up to a month prior people were asking me to produce shows, manage stages, and fill in lineups. (by the way, to me, that’s work, that’s what I do for a living, not for fun)…. as my name was passed around as a “quality guy everyone can depend on for Burning Life” people started IMing me, asking me “what I had planned for my stage and shows”
    ….soon after, I find out that basically my name became listed as one of the main managers for the music… and everyone was turning to me on where i was with my planning…. each and every person I had to explain that I was never involved, never agreed to anything with Burning Life and don’t wanna have anything to do with it other than only as a performer fillin IF I happened to be available.

    So anyway… somehow my name got tarnished because apparently some people thought I had agreed and committed to something and then backed out. Really a pain in the ass.

    But anyway, that was resolved by the time Burning Life actually started.

    This was the first time I came to a LL event just as an explorer and everyday Joe checking things out.

    a) Everyone’s expectations of a LL event are WAY TOO HIGH. Everyone expects a LL event should be the best of the year. It’s simply not, yet every time, people are let down. Why are people let down at a LL event, yet every other event inworld is just fine?

    b) This may come out kind of cold, but i dont mean it to be. I don’t have sympathy for people that once were involved and now don’t want to be. I don’t really care anymore about people that wanted to do something at a LL event, and rules changed, and they were told to do something else.

    c) it’s just an event… it’s a poor event, that is nothing special…. the management is terrible, the rules are terrible… and if people want to spend their time trying to back an event like this, that’s their problem.

    …personally from a spectator standpoint, I had a good time, checked out Dizzy Banjo’s area, Cheen’s area, and Alazarian’s area… other than that I stood in the tent and listened to music.

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