Talk with the Artists: Gwen Carillion and Sunn Thunders on “Unity, A Blending of Spirit”

Photo courtesy of Sunn Thunders


From RobertSteven SmytheCurator of la Galerie de la Vie, Artemisia:

“Please join me in welcoming Gwen Carillon and Sunn Thunders to our Talk with the Artists Series. The event is Tuesday, October 7th from 4-5 pm SL time. They will be discussing their first time collaboration on the exhibition Unity, A Blending of Spirit and be giving a brief tour of Galerie de la Vie. Hope you can join us for this event.”

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Talk with the Artists Series

Gwen Carillon and Sunn Thunders discuss their collaborative exhibition, Unity: A Blending of Spirit

Tuesday, October 7th from 4-5 pm SL time


Unity, A Blending of Spirit

“There is no more sure tie between friends than when they are united in their objects and wishes.”  

Marcus Tullius Cicero

The quote from Cicero embodies the unique exhibition that is opening this Friday, September 12th from  4-6 pm SL time at the Galerie de la Vie in Artemisia.  Gwen Carillon and Sunn Thunders, two of Second Life’s most exciting artists, have collaborated for the very first time to bring life an amazing collection of 2-D and 3-D art.. Their featured collaborative work, entitled “Unity,” will captivate you by its form, color, and motion. This work brings the visions and talents of two artists together to create a sensational sculpture that will excite all who see it.

“It was so rewarding to collaborate on Unity with Gwen. Throughout the creative process our styles, colors, and energy complemented and harmonized each other well. We had great fun and I am happy with the symbiotic balance we achieved,” says Thunders.

“I was able to build a sculpture with another creator, Sunn Thunders. I had never done that before. Sculpting, to me, is intimate. I rarely build with others present. Yet, there I was having the time of my life building a sculpture with another creator. We took turns as muse and artist. I believe Sunn described it best when he used the word “symbiotic”. (What do you expect? The guy’s a scientist. *grins*) The experience allowed me to step out of myself a bit. At one point it felt like we were sharing a mind, as we let inspiration lead us. It was exhilarating,” says Carillon.

Gwen Carillon, a real life sculpture and jeweler, is known for her shimmering glass textures and signature prim torture and emotional sculptures.  Her vita in real life and Second Life are filled with accolades for her art and her creativity. “Rebirth”, an interactive meditation sphere, won an award for Best in Second Life this past June, by The Tech Museum of Innovation. A representation of “Rebirth” is on display at The Tech Museum in San Jose, California. When asked about her art Gwen says, “Creativity knows no bounds and accepts no limitations.” You can see her work at her gallery and studio “Elements in Design.”

Sunn Thunders, Second Life educator and mentor, is the co-creator of the Abyss Museum of Ocean Science. “…the museum is an immersive and interactive experience about the world’s oceans that combines art, science, and education. We’re happy to have had so many eager and enthusiastic visitors in the past year and are looking forward to beginning the Abyss’s second year later this fall.”   Sunn says, “Art was really not part of my vocabulary until I came to Second Life. Since then however, I’ve fallen in love with the creation process, first with prim sculpture, then digital photography and imagery, and now my own digital illustrations. I feel that I have embarked on a journey with an unknown destination, but I am enjoying every minute learning and discovering.” To see Sunn’s other works of art visit SunnTee Arts Gallery. 

Mariposa Upshaw, curator of Angel Dorei Museum and guest curator for this exhibit, is the motivator behind Carillon and Thunders “Unity” project.  Mariposa suggested that they should collaborate on an exhibition. They were so excited that they immediately went to work. Mari had a gallery in mind to place the exhibition. As a consultant to the Galerie de la Vie, Mari knew it would be a great gallery to place the exhibition. “Mari has been assisting me in my new position as curator for Galerie de la Vie. She has been an unbelievable source of information and inspiration.  This collaboration between these two artists is such a gift to the gallery.  All of the credit for bringing this historical exhibition to Artemisia goes to Mari, Gwen and Sunn,” commented RobertSteven Smythe, new curator at the gallery in Artemisia.

Sunn describes the exhibition in a succinct sentence, “Unity is about collaboration, balance, harmony–the blending of separate pieces, ideas, and styles into a cohesive whole.”  

The Residents of Artemisia are proud to bring “Unity” to the Galerie de la Vie through October 19th.  The opening reception is Friday, September 12, 2008 from 4-6 pm SL time.  

Go to the Artemisia web site or to Artemisia for more information. Galerie de la Vie is a gift to the Second Life Art Community from the residents of Artemisia, a residential community for artistic and creative people. Visit today and see how you can be a part of Artemisia.

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  1. The art of Second Life continues to improve – to challenge and to be recognized. The recent exhibit of Rinscimento Virtuale art at the Festival della Creativita in Florence is testament to the validity of this art in the real world – something even Phillip Rosedale is surprised at (Read his forward in the new “From Second Life to Florence” book available from

    Also, Avatrait has now introduced a web site to connect Second Life Artists and ONLY Second Life artists at

    I know it’s a bit of a plug – but it’s a good plug – check it out.

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