Unofficial Burning Life blog calls it a day, blames event staff

GavinLeigh Wake, producer of the “SL Burning Life Blog,” announced that the blog will cease activity after 3 years of covering Second Life’s annual festival of (somewhat) unbridled creativity:

It’s with some regret that after three years of blogging the Burning Life event I have decided to close the door on at the end of this years festival coverage.

 This year I have been told by certain event staff to not mention this blog in any official chat, or mention alternative chat venues to reduce stress on the official channel. I have even had a member of staff call a Ranger and make me remove my shirt. Not to mention being threatened with legal action.

This is a real shame.  It just burns me to no end that someone whose work clearly shows their love for the event being stomped upon.  I used GavinLeigh’s blog as a way to “see” a whole lot of Burning Life without having to endure the atrocious lag, and now it’s gone because of some apparent control issues.  It’s not like GavinLeigh was criticizing the event – the blog was all about publicizing it in its many forms.  Sigh. 

GavinLeigh, please feel free to post here any time you want.  Shoot me an IM inworld and we’ll make arrangements.

Talk with the Artists: Gwen Carillion and Sunn Thunders on “Unity, A Blending of Spirit”

Photo courtesy of Sunn Thunders


From RobertSteven SmytheCurator of la Galerie de la Vie, Artemisia:

“Please join me in welcoming Gwen Carillon and Sunn Thunders to our Talk with the Artists Series. The event is Tuesday, October 7th from 4-5 pm SL time. They will be discussing their first time collaboration on the exhibition Unity, A Blending of Spirit and be giving a brief tour of Galerie de la Vie. Hope you can join us for this event.”

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