Cheen Pitney makes a statement at Burning Life

Cheen wisely left the nipples out this year and created a powerful statement about the destructive impact of greed and war on the chances for peace. To the right, a black lion looks on – perhaps a symbol, adding to the scene, or maybe just another great example of Cheen’s sculpting prowess.

If you can’t tell, I had a devil of a time taking this snap. Surprisingly, the lag was almost tolerable. Problem is, there was no advantageous way to take a photo of it! The build sites are packed so that you can’t take a builder’s work on their own; you must look at it in terms of the flea market scene in which it is placed. Sigh. And Cheen really DID do a strong presentation…
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[UPDATE] I caught up with Cheen inworld and asked him about the black lion.  Made for an interesting discussion.  If you find him…try figuring out his motives in including it!

3 Responses

  1. I agree, it has been impossible to get a good photograph of anything, even at the lowest draw settings. And I need to get some good shots for something. Sigh. I’ll do my best, and rely on Photoshop to block the “flea market” out of the picture.

  2. I was just over at Koinup looking at some of Kee Llewelyn’s photographs. She has been out on VAA Photohunt a few times recently. She has some interesting tips in her comments on some of her pictures. One of them was about using the haze distance to create a ‘backdrop’ for her subject. Recently, she says she is exploring using SL settings alone to see how much she get out of her photographs without any post processing. Can’t wait to get back from vacation and get at some of those sliders I haven’t touched yet.

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