Hi all – RL is pounding away on me, and this week’s evening inworld jaunts have been curbed significantly. I’m still reading the blogs (and am cautiously optimistic about M Linden based on his recent post) but just haven’t had time and energy to jump inworld.

So as I get my RL in order to again be a more active participant in the Second Life ™ grid, let me share with you the lovely Ella Fitzgerald, from 1968:

3 Responses

  1. Gawd Thank You for the dose of Reality Morris! That was awesome way to start the day:)

  2. Missed the toilet last night.
    Went all over the floor.
    Wiped it up with my toothbrush.
    Don’t brush my teeth much, anymore.

  3. I’m right there with ya bro. Don’t worry though, SL this summer has had sort of a ‘dead’ feeling to it.
    Not that it’s empty or that nothings happening… but more that people this summer have decided to real life it some more… meaning, they’re missing most events, but perhaps catching a blog review, or a friend with a recap, or perhaps ya just miss some stuff.
    But knowing that the same people + new people will always be logging in and doing community stuff; SL is waiting for everyone at anytime.

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