Oh. My. Lord.

I’m going off of the Second Life ™ wagon for a post because – in the midst of the Dark Knight hysteria (and it’s a great movie, especially in IMAX) – the Watchmen trailer is on the street.  The best graphic novel of all time is finally getting made into a film:

If you want even better graphics, check out the QuickTime version.

Sure, it’s not Second Life.  But look at the CGI and tell me that you haven’t seen some of these effects inworld…

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  1. yeah, I’m really seeing the value of using one’s blog for “just really friggin worthy stuff” too, even if it doesn’t tie to SL.

    Dark Knight has been crazy hype, but you’re officially my first friend recommending it after seeing it. So I’m soooo there, and Imaxing it… good idea.

    Ive heard a lot of talk about this movie. The hype that “The Crow” got because Brandon Lee died…. it just wasn’t a good movie…. I’m glad to hear this batman holds up on its own without the hype of Ledger’s death. Christian Bale is great in every movie he’s in anyway.

    I think my nearby Imax has Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D which will probably also be mindblowing visually.

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