Gov. Howard Dean streamed into Second Life

My political hero here inworld. Wow. Thanks to Netroots Nation for making this possible. I haven’t seen Gov. Dean live since I was campaigning for him in Davenport, Iowa in 2004….
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  1. Yeah, I didn’t catch the speeches inworld, but I’ve seen em now. I watch the news every day, and although I like the concept, I don’t get why this couldn’t be streamed in 24-7 with Obama, McCain, Barr, Nader stuff instead? Or all news?

    Not that I don’t like Howard Dead or Wesley Clark, I just don’t exactly get why something like this is so rare in SL by now. I watch MSNBC, CNN, C-Span, and Comedy Central for my news while I use SL.
    I’m simply hoping that political parties (pun intended) can happen more often in SL. It doesn’t take much to stream a live speech into SL, does it?

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