Another virtual day comes to a close

Thought I’d share my fireworks with you one more time, in honor of the blog’s new masthead. Good night, all!
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Ex-Fleetwood Mac’er Bob Welch LIVE at Gibson Island

What a great idea – to bring Gibson Guitars in-world and set up a few stages for performances! Bob Welch is playing to a sim filled with 110 avatars, and the crowd is doing it’s thing in true SL style…offering feedback and chatting with the performers like you just can’t do in RL. Some nice Fleetwood Mac anecdotes are a-flowing…the guys clearly are having a great time.

From the left: Bobwelch Magic (Bob Welch) Team Gibson’s Von Johin and Team Gibson’s Cypress Rosewood (who is an impressive inworld ambient performer in his own right!). Fun show!

For more on the opening of Gibson Island, check out Doubledown Tandino’s blog.
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Keeping up with Sunn Thunders

In case you haven’t followed Sunn’s blog (, he’s busy spending his summer mastering Photoshop Illustrator (thanks, Mr. Voom!).  And the results are gorgeous…

Southwest Abstract by Sunn Thunders

Southwest Abstract by Sunn Thunders

I can’t wait to see how this manifests itself on the grid.  Artwork?  New textures for building projects?

What fun to watch such a talented guy learn a skill on the fly!