Gotta love those Japanese content creators! I just picked up this fantastic fireworks launcher. So beautiful!

Oh, notice that I’ve changed the name of my new art space to “Second Arts” – which allows me to have some synergy between my blog and my inworld property. Thanks to Isolde Flamand for letting me have the SL group “Second Arts,” too.
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Back from vacation

Hey ‘dere, you readers of this here blog-thingamajigg…

I’m back from vacation, which was mildly disappointing, but I got the suntan (sunburn, actually) that I’ve never been able to get from my monitor.   (Oh, LCD screen.  Hmmm.)

Anyway, time away (less my hanging out at Mitch Kapor’s ballyhooed “important announcement” at SL5B) gives one time to ponder things like my “OMG you gotta be kidding me” RL job and my “WTF happened to Morris?” grid existence.  I’ll spare you the RL stuff, but let’s talk about the Second Life ™ side, which also has been impacted by my scan of a week’s worth of RSS feed speed-reading:

  • Nothing I heard from Mitch Kapor inspired any confidence in Linden Lab or Second Life.  Period.  The guy doesn’t get what SL ™ is about to the residents, but it’s his (and Phil’s) toy…and we’re oh so lucky to be playing with it.
  • My most compelling reasons to stay in SL right now are 1) my inventory and 2) my friends.  Considering the inevitable interoperability of different grids, I’d pay Linden Lab to let me take my “second identity” with me as I hop around the grids.
  • I like my new place @ Bay City (especially the $8 tier!), but I’ll probably hop to a Void Sim once Linden Lab opens them up individually to registered users.  Or maybe a OpenSim sim once the server product improves and the service providers prove some longer-term reliability.
  • The new Release Candidate viewer FINALLY got rid of the glow bar and grid design on my snaps.  At least during the one time I used it.  Let’s hope the fixes stick…and the impressive new memory leaks get plugged SOON!  (Paging Dr. Beresford…)
  • I’m so happy that the new Release Candidate viewer is fixed, because I REALLY want to get moving on my next book.
  • A friend suggested I improve the ties between my Bay City place and this blog.  As in, promote an SL artisan on this blog and then showcase their work inworld.  I’m really intrigued by that idea and will likely implement it soon.
  • Even though I own land again on the grid, the walkabout continues.  Probably will for a while.  I’ve enjoyed the exploring a great deal.  Another cool side-benefit of the viewer fix is that you should see more walkabout snaps around these parts.
  • I need my Komuso fix.  Real soon.  I miss the SL music scene…