Jennifer Hana’s latest work

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“The Vig Art Space”

That’s the name I’m giving my place – at least for now. I’ve swapped a couple of my works in for Jennifer Hana’s, added signage for shows for Madcow Cosmos and Charlot Dickins, placed some of my better SL photography on the north property line and added simple, oversized signage to inspire the artist that lies within all of us. It’s coming together quite well….a creative space indeed.
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Madcow to Starax: I win

A great combination of 2 fantastic SL artists’ works…On display at Alexander-Welsh Cove: Gallery II (Windlight preset: A modification of “Bridge Opera” by Torley)
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Summer Solstice in Second Life

Lest anyone think that blog is by and for a bunch of people who hate Second Life:

The Create Programme @ Orange Island presents

SUMMER SOLSTICE PARTY – June 20th – 10am-5pm (slt)

Orange Island celebrates summer under the canopy of stunning, lifelike vegetation.
As you wander deeper in the Primal Forest, feel the pulse of the deep electro vibes,
resonating among the organic surroundings as our guest DJs spin.
You’ll find yourself suddenly emerged in the midst of the Summer Solstice Party.

Live DJ Performer Lineup

  • 10am-12pm : Mach Volitant (trip-hop/eclectic electronica)
  • 12pm-2pm : Jungle Vacano (drum-n-bass /techstep )
  • 2pm-3pm : Doubledown Tandino ( Basshouse & Garage)
  • 3pm-5pm : IONIC Benton (minimal & tech house)
(trouble viewing the flier GRAB IT HERE)
Please help and support by spreading the word and posting this info :O)


Walkabout: Sphinx Shop, Quentin

I came across this shop, nestled within the chaotic mainland builds, and thought, “Where has this been all of my Second Life?” Seriously, it’s a fun build. Cute store, too.
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Linden Lab: We goofed!

This is so funny.

Linden Lab, after provoking a rare and vehement defense from me over their weekend DMCA smackdown, apologized for their actions.

I honestly think that either Linden Lab operates in bizarro world, or maybe I do.  But clearly we’re not in the same universe.  The one time I back them up for a controversial move, they recant.

Only Linden Lab.  Only in Second Life.

My view on Linden Lab’s midnight DMCA raid

I’ve had a chance to think about the Lindens’ unannounced erasure of allegedly pirated inventory items over the weekend, and what I’ll say probably will stun those who’ve seen my ongoing criticism of the way that they’ve conducted their business.

I am 100% behind Linden Lab on this.

To explain further, I have a few points to consider:

  1. To conduct a selective deletion of inventory items is just as questionable as the action that has caused resident concern (like this example from Doubledown Tandino). Probably would be much more difficult to perform.
  2. I can’t see anything positive in telling the userbase before performing this mass deletion. Would it have changed what was deleted?
  3. Unlike the banking and casino bans, which came just as suddenly, the userbase SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that Linden Lab feels strongly enough about the issue to put a DMCA link on their front page. Banking and casinos, on the other hand, were bolts from the blue. No one knew that the Lindens cared one way or the other on those issues.

Then there’s my overarching issue: After all of the grief that I have given Linden Lab for tolerating content theft and loose morals on intellectual property in Second Life, why in the world should I criticize them taking meaningful steps to address this problem? Sure, it’s inconvenient to the folks who lost inventory items…but that’s what happens when you buy your content from anyone less than the content creator.

There will always be room for criticism of how our digital overlords conduct their business and inworld practices. In this case, the cause outweighs the means by which they conducted this action.

Here’s hoping the Lab keeps it up. They might want to check out this JIRA entry for some other leads.