Free (or ridiculously inexpensive) Lovespirals music!

LovespiralsHey crew – I just got an email letting me know that Anji and Ryan at Lovespirals have uploaded their “Free and Easy” CD at Amie Street.  If you don’t remember, Lovespirals was a pivotal band in my musical exploration of Second Life.

Amie Street, for those who don’t know, has a real unique approach to music sales.  The first download is free for each song, and then the price goes up by just a few pennies for each download.  As a case in point, I downloaded Chouchou’s CD for less than US$4.00. (As I type, you can get the whole 15-song CD for US$8.01.)

I already own the Lovespirals CD, having purchased their 3-CD package (complete with autographs by Anji and Ryan!), so let my chance email be your gain!

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  1. hey, thanks for posting this info, baby! amiestreet is a cool site with some really great bands, but it definitely isn’t as well known as your itunes or emusic yet. i’ve been really happy with the ability to go and download the songs i bought on my 2nd computer. that way even if i buy it on my laptop, i can still get it onto my desktop with no hassle. yay!

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