Free (or ridiculously inexpensive) Lovespirals music!

LovespiralsHey crew – I just got an email letting me know that Anji and Ryan at Lovespirals have uploaded their “Free and Easy” CD at Amie Street.  If you don’t remember, Lovespirals was a pivotal band in my musical exploration of Second Life.

Amie Street, for those who don’t know, has a real unique approach to music sales.  The first download is free for each song, and then the price goes up by just a few pennies for each download.  As a case in point, I downloaded Chouchou’s CD for less than US$4.00. (As I type, you can get the whole 15-song CD for US$8.01.)

I already own the Lovespirals CD, having purchased their 3-CD package (complete with autographs by Anji and Ryan!), so let my chance email be your gain!

We don’t need no steenkin’ keyboards!

Dusan Writer unearths a hint as to the Grid’s future direction in the Second Life ™ code that he found on a placeholder page.

No wonder Linden Lab put such an effort on rolling out voice.  Either that, or a Linden is REALLY screwing with the customer base…