The truth about the SL land crisis

Second Life land \"for sell\"?

Judging against what I’ve gathered in chatting with folks, Prokofy Neva nailed it.  Also gives an interesting insight on the relationships between the Lindens, the land barons and the “corporate” types.  And I have to say, Prok is pretty even-keeled – especially in comparison to the protests put forth by RightAsRain Rimbaud.

3 Responses

  1. wow…that’s a first–Prok being called more reasonable then someone else! Well, we got a lot more protest coming–we concerned over future of SL and it is time to open a major discussion!

  2. I’ve followed Proks rants for over 2 years. I must admit, I’m a fan of hers. The countless battles, the opinionated stances, and her overall knowledge of how to play the internet say-respond-respond game nailed down to a science.

    Now, she goes on and on a lot, and I can’t read it all, but that doesn’t mean I want her to stop doing what she does.

    She’s someone that stirs up the status quo. Sometimes she is right, and sometimes she is waaaay off base and never willing to admit it… and I like that. I think the world needs people stirring up the status quo. I like to think I do it myself to some extent… definitely this past week, I have done a lot of that.

  3. After reading some of Prok’s post, and then skimming, which led to scanning, which finally led to guesstimate:
    Prok has a lot of money invested in land, and lost a lot.
    Everyone complains when prices go down because things change.. but Prok should know, she has some change to complain about everyday. And when she’s not complaining about changes, she’s complaining how things need to change. She’s like a McObama burger.

    Well, either way, I’m still a fan of hers….

    But… SL changes every day, sometimes suddenly. Sometimes it effects people negatively, instantly, and monumentally… and sometimes it’s the complete opposite. Most humans, it being their nature, notice the bad, and forget about the good. Prok never seems to mention that she made a killing off the early land days. She should feel lucky… All early landbarons should feel lucky…. but it friggin annoys the hell out of me when someone’s good timing, luck, and skills made em a wad of cash for a few years.
    Now things are different…. prokovy i didn’t see as “predicting” anything… I just read it as an observation on the awesomeness of voidsims… but how anyone owning the previous pricey land just lost a buttload of money.

    The one and only point that I feel she brings up, that needs more stirring up, is the fact that island owners can buy void sims, dress them up to appear as estate islands, and then snatch em back.

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