“The Real Me” exhibit at Man-a-hatta Gallery

I just visited this show today – great concept with some outstanding works.  Here’s a slideshow that doesn’t do it justice…many kinetic pieces, some interactive.  3D imagery abounds.  Worth the trip!

Here’s the promotional notecard I received…

The Real Me!
An exhibition of 13 SL artists’ self-portraits
June 15-27, 2008
Man-a-hatta Gallery

What happens when 13 artists are presented with the same problem: “Create a self-portrait using the materials and forces unique to this world. It can’t be a simple picture! ”

The artists’ responses to this “problem” is what this show is about. The responses range from the “simple” to the “complex;” from one prim to 109 prims; from multiply-scripted to no scripts at all; from using a manipulated a picture to using completely abstract forms. And you can bet if we included 25 artists or 100 artists, we would get 25 or 100 different and equally interesting “solutions” to the “problem.”

Because … that’s what artists do, isn’t it?


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