Summer Solstice in Second Life

Lest anyone think that blog is by and for a bunch of people who hate Second Life:

The Create Programme @ Orange Island presents

SUMMER SOLSTICE PARTY – June 20th – 10am-5pm (slt)

Orange Island celebrates summer under the canopy of stunning, lifelike vegetation.
As you wander deeper in the Primal Forest, feel the pulse of the deep electro vibes,
resonating among the organic surroundings as our guest DJs spin.
You’ll find yourself suddenly emerged in the midst of the Summer Solstice Party.

Live DJ Performer Lineup

  • 10am-12pm : Mach Volitant (trip-hop/eclectic electronica)
  • 12pm-2pm : Jungle Vacano (drum-n-bass /techstep )
  • 2pm-3pm : Doubledown Tandino ( Basshouse & Garage)
  • 3pm-5pm : IONIC Benton (minimal & tech house)
(trouble viewing the flier GRAB IT HERE)
Please help and support by spreading the word and posting this info :O)


One Response

  1. Thanks Morris,

    Also, people’s here’s the best info straight from the juice:

    This event is leading in to Orange Island’s “Photo Week” fromthe 20th to the 27th

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