Linden Lab: We goofed!

This is so funny.

Linden Lab, after provoking a rare and vehement defense from me over their weekend DMCA smackdown, apologized for their actions.

I honestly think that either Linden Lab operates in bizarro world, or maybe I do.  But clearly we’re not in the same universe.  The one time I back them up for a controversial move, they recant.

Only Linden Lab.  Only in Second Life.

2 Responses

  1. waaaaaaccckkkadooooooos they are.

    They shoulda just said “yup we did it”, instead of now saying “oops”

    what a maroon
    what a maragee

    So, what morris and I brought up in the comments of the other thread still stands. We both believe it woulda been right to do had they done it with their initial intention.

    They’re just plain stupid. im sorry.. it’s just obvious no one has a boss there that approves things. It’s just one linden has a wakko idea, and they just do it. then another linden does whatever, and so on and so on. You would think it’d be like “hey boss, here’s the implimentation plan on this thing I wanna do”

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