40,000 Page Views!

Incredible. Simply incredible. Thanks to all who read Second Arts – hopefully this little corner of the blogosphere helps better inform, stimulate thinking or even educate you. You’re making time in your day to check in on this blog, and that means a lot.

Thank you!

One Response

  1. AWESOMENESS!!! Yeah, I wish I would found that sitemeter at the start of my blog, but I didn’t find it till after I saw it on your blog here.
    The stats n stuff they show ya bout the visitors ! Love it!! So instead of me posting my # of visitors, I think I’m gonna post once in awhile, the list of cities/countries logging in.

    Like, I got 2 people in Iran checking my blog often. I wonder if they’re US troops logging in to stream in my DJ sets at camp lol. Checking the city/country visitors on sitemeter is my favorite.

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