Walkabout: Nova Albion Infohub in Barcola

Folks, if you EVER wonder why new residents wash out of Second Life at the rate they do, stop by a busy infohub and grab a seat. These poor souls are subjected to harassment from the infantile (verbal and weapons) like you can’t believe. The Linden signage is lousy, with nothing to tell these people about the wonders just down the street – like the Photography Studio of Grignano! Or the stores..or even the beautiful layout of Nova Albion! Sigh. Let’s hope a few hang around…
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3 Responses

  1. Funny you should mention the signage, etc. at the infohubs. While I was putting in a few minutes of mentoring the other day at one of the “Welcome Centers,” my mind wandered to how much *artistic potential* these places had. If only there were some Linden department, like a public works thing, that artists could get involved with. A few prim sculptures here, some color there, real flowers, modern signage, windlight photo walls, digital postcards from artists… Hmmmm, I may be onto something…

  2. I’m sure you’ve read Prokofy’s thoughts on the problem of the loiterers. If we could only locate Responsible Linden, regular visits to Infohubs and un-Welcome Centers by Lab employees to move the harrassers on their way might not be a bad thing.

    I went to a LDPW office hour once. After most of the time was chewed up with pointless blather and speculation by the “regulars” I made a suggestion for a small improvement on the mainland, no big effort. An objection was stated. I countered the objection with, you know, like, facts?

    Some short time later my suggestion was partially implemented with no particular fanfare, but only on the one sim I mentioned. *Big sigh*

    I like Sunn’s thinking here. Bay City is done. The road work is under way. Might be time for that other work that was mentioned when LDPW was announced.

    And get the loiterers completely off the grid if necessary, Responsible Linden.

    Yoo hoo! Responsible? Where are you? We’ve been waiting patiently for you to arrive.

  3. I’ve been hanging out at Nova Albion for over a year now. I know it’s recent problems all to well and have seen the repeated efforts to clean up the area. Lately this has been a systematic targetting of regulars by mentors and others for Abuse Reports resulting in suspensions for such crimes as dancing and being AFK. I’ll be the first to admit that the place is a zoo. It’s laggy, you sink into the road, there’s still very little signage and the amount of chat is very confusing. There are now mentors who are around fairly regularly, but I’ve yet to see one actually helping anyone. On one occasion I witnessed goading of a regular by a mentor and a resident (who calls anyone whose rez date is younger than 2006 “n00b”) into anger enough to speak his mind and get an instant suspension. I’ve also seen people soliciting for sex being utterly ignored despite it being a PG area and their approach being clearly offensive to those at whom it was targetted.

    Whatever the current plan is, it’s not working.

    I don’t grief, I’ve never been suspended and I plan to keep my record clean. I help people as much as I can and I do what I can to make Nova a nicer place to be. I’ve sent in countless Abuse Reports against griefers, sexpests and other nasties; occasionally, they’re acted upon.

    Nova is a great place to hang out, despite all this, or nobody would bother coming back. It’s a busy intersection with a constant flow of people and there’s always something going on. Just like the city it’s supposed to be. So bring on the Community Support Officers and hand out the ASBO’s, I’m not going anywhere.

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