DMCA crackdown in Second Life (FINALLY?)

I’m not fully up-to-speed on this issue, but I’ve seen a couple blog posts that refer to a mass deletion from the Second Life database of presumedly pirated intellectual content…

Again, I don’t know anything about this…but it appears that yet another change in corporate philosophy is coming from Linden Lab.  And this change has been a long-time coming.

I hope I didn’t buy anything pirated!  Sounds like inventory items are getting pulled with no warning.

Has anyone had their items deleted by Linden Lab?  Did you get any notice?

4 Responses

  1. I did a general walkthru of my shop to see… but honestly, I won’t be able to even tell until a customer mentions a script isn’t working.
    Anything over the past year I’m sure is all mine… but I can think of plenty of times I just grabbed a script I needed cause it was the first one to load in my inventory as I was building… same with textures… If I want a wood floor, I type in wood, scan through what I have on me, and lay down the best for the moment.
    … so hopefully nothing I’ve been selling happened to have anything borrowed.

    …but what really gives me the shivers is more about how LL can “take down”. The godlike powers of this takedown is actually suprising to me. Like, I figured they had all the power to do anything… but I didn’t think they had the power to completely erase anything ever made from someone, no matter where that object, texture, script may be.

    I’m sure there’s things now in my inventory that dont work now, or don’t look right now. I’m not gonna go around complaining to the store owners.

    The only thing that comes to mind is how LL royally FUCKED residents, instead of perhaps giving a warning or making the issue known. Yes, they’ve fully given the warning about DCMA and stealing content… but they never mentioned that this is the kind of brute tactic they would resort in. and it’s like, did they do this to show an example of their powers? do they think we’re now somehow able to be more observant about the materials we use to make things in SL? Isn’t there something odd that, with a few keystrokes, a part of a piece of a material from something, no matter where it sits, can be removed like genocide in SL…. I never knew that.

  2. …sorry… lemme add.. I used the word genocide, simply in a ‘mass eradication’ … not anything to do with a human’s race or anything :OP

  3. […] of inventory items is just as questionable as the action that has caused resident concern (like this example from Doubledown Tandino). Probably would be much more difficult to […]

  4. Just to make my position clear, as a writer and an artist and a professional graphic designer I am huge on intellectual property rights. I spend an in ordinate amount of time talking to SL residents about why they cannot sell something without expecting repercussions. I can only assume they are operating on ignorance.

    That being said! LL is in no way committed to tell anyone that they are removing content which has been shown to violate the DMCA. I think people are taking for granted the “right” to information. So their choices are to let everyone know, which is pretty easy, they just publish it on the blog. Or to make some poor intern sift through reams of transaction records and resident profiles to figure out who has the offending material and let just those people know. But on the whole they aren’t under any obligation to let anyone know as the content in question only concerns the thief, the creator and LL.

    I know a great many people are going to be irked because their sexgen beds don’t work any more and many will be annoyed that there are bits missing from their inventory. I haven’t taken a look to see if anything went poof in stacks of crap so I will save my annoyance and try to go back to creating more content. 🙂

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