Walkabout: Nova Albion Infohub in Barcola

Folks, if you EVER wonder why new residents wash out of Second Life at the rate they do, stop by a busy infohub and grab a seat. These poor souls are subjected to harassment from the infantile (verbal and weapons) like you can’t believe. The Linden signage is lousy, with nothing to tell these people about the wonders just down the street – like the Photography Studio of Grignano! Or the stores..or even the beautiful layout of Nova Albion! Sigh. Let’s hope a few hang around…
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The Linden Department of Impaired Vision

Yes, it’s that time again…

If you haven’t noticed in the last 24 hours or so, the left-hand column block that highlights my latest Flickr uploads has looked a little different. As in, a bright, thin bar of light down the photos. Houston, we have a problem.

Now, a big caveat: I’m talking about the Linden Lab Release Candidate 1.20 viewer, not the regular viewer. The reason I even bother with the Release Candidate viewer as opposed to the regular viewer (or the performance-superior Nicholaz viewers) is that the 3D SpaceNavigator controller is only compatible with the RC 1.20. And, 95% of the time, the 3D SpaceNavigator makes all the other hassles of a “beta testing” viewer worthwhile. It truly transforms the way a user interacts with Second Life.

(For those who want to read about the Second Arts, I’ll put the rest behind the fold.) Continue reading

DMCA crackdown in Second Life (FINALLY?)

I’m not fully up-to-speed on this issue, but I’ve seen a couple blog posts that refer to a mass deletion from the Second Life database of presumedly pirated intellectual content…

Again, I don’t know anything about this…but it appears that yet another change in corporate philosophy is coming from Linden Lab.  And this change has been a long-time coming.

I hope I didn’t buy anything pirated!  Sounds like inventory items are getting pulled with no warning.

Has anyone had their items deleted by Linden Lab?  Did you get any notice?