Lauk’s Nest transfer event on Sunday

From Graceful Aeon:

Sunday, June 15, at 2:00 pm SLT you are invited to share art and music in a place rich with the remembered past and the future hope of Second Life.

Chupacabra-Lauks nest, Alviso (52, 188, 32)
We will start with “A World of Light and Color” — an exhibit at Chupacabra Gallery by real life artist, Timetraveler Georgia.  Working mostly in water soluable media,  Georgia uses light and color to express deep feelings about her connection to all other beings.  Never in fear, but in awe of the beauty — along with the terror and pain — she is a survivor with something to say.   Visit her web site at

Sonata cliff, Alviso (217, 94, 32)
After that, we will meet in the Poetry Garden at Lauk’s Nest to announce my new ownership of Lauk’s Nest as a cultural events center, historical site, SL home to my RL consulting business Future Rain, Inc.,  and future home to a non-profit group dedicated to the study, eduation and support of historic virtual spaces and the preservation of socially and culturally significant virtual material culture.   You are welcome to stay for the dance party on Lauk’s Nest dance floor following the announcement.

Lauks Nest, Alviso (163, 153, 63)
Lauk’s Nest  was built several years ago by Laukosargas Svarog (who left her nest to build Svarga, the living sim).

Built as Mayan temple ruins surrounded by a rain forest, it is textured with original and authentic Mayan textures created by Svarog.  Sold to Fallen Anansi, who kept it open and public, allowing many new residents from orientation to discover the beauty of Second Life through Lauk’s Nest.  Lukas Mensing, himself a talented artist and cultural leader, purchased it from Anansi to continue to protect it and use as a home for So Else, a group which supports intercultural communication through events and festivals.

Graceful Aeon / DeniseMarie Pinklady, as the new owner, will continue the tradition of holding the site in the public trust through the support of her acquaintances and friends in SL and RL.  Lauk’s Nest will take on a new role as we open shops, schedule conferences, lectures, exhibits and concerts, and create a future for Lauk’s Nest as the premier cultural and educational events center in Second Life.

I look forward to your attendance Sunday.  Even more, I look forward to your participation in this exciting and important endeavor.

Hey, Lauk’s Nest: Meet the New Boss

Lukas Mensing just teleported me over to meet Graceful Aeon, who will be the new owner of Lauk’s Nest. Grace has all sorts of plans…it’s exciting to see this SL landmark continue on into the future!
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Jazz Calhern’s “New Moods” show at Manzanillo

One of the grid’s finest photographers embarks on a new creative path with a little help from Photoshop and an inquisitive mind. Come see the great new work at the Manzanillo Artist Enclave!
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Walkabout: ..::As Know As::..

I came to this sim for a Chouchou show…caught a song and a half…and had to bail out for RL. So when I came back, I figured it would be worth looking around this sim, which apparently is the name of a Japanese fashion label. I can’t speak to that, but the build is quite nice. The patio are where I’m sitting looks out over terraced relaxation spaces and water. The textures again make the build. Actually, this is a lot like what I was hoping the aborted Vig Mansion would look like. They just did it better than I could….
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Walkabout: Dark Prince

The fun part of a walkabout is that you never know what you will find. In this case, I saw this gothic cathedral build, walked inside, and apparently found a club of some sort (from the dance balls, I would guess a nightclub). Builds like this always impress me not for the complexity of the construction – heck, even I could build something like this – but the loving detail in the texturing. The “feel” in this place comes from the colors, the textures…and making sure they all work together. Nice work!
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