Happy 2nd Rez Day, Sunn Thunders!

One of the all-time great guys on the Second Life grid, Sunn Thunders, is celebrating his 2nd Rez Day today. You might know him as an accomplished SL sculptor (and one of the earlier Oyster Bay artisans – the first to conduct an Oyster Bay ArtTalk and inspiration for the legendary Oyster Bay Balloon Festival); an inworld instructor who taught many, many avis how to make their way in the metaverse or just a good friend. Regardless, I’d be hard-pressed to think of a better person than Sunn.

I asked Sunn for a favorite photo of some of his SL artwork, and he sent along “Celebrate Earth Ice”:

If you want to see some incredible SL sculpture art and more, all with a distinctive American west/southwest flair, swing by his SunnTee Arts.

Happy Rez Day, Sunn!

Another incredible build

While I was setting up for the Cowell Village shot, planes kept flying overhead as if there was an airport nearby. Was there ever!! Landing strips at ground level, helipads and blimp landing sites on the protrusions from the tower, and then the increditble tower itself. Wow. When I grow up, I want to build like that. (Photo taken using Torley’s “Red City” preset)
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Walkabout at Cowell Village

At the recommendation of HeadBurro Antfarm, I went to Cowell to check out the seaside village. What an attractive place! I especially like the house in the bottom left of the picture…the overhangs add a very nice touch. (Photo taken using Torley’s “Barcelon variation” preset.)
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