Torley’s WindLight presets

My oh my oh my… Torley Linden put his personal collection of WindLight sky and water presets up for free download on the Second Life Wiki.  I’ll never look at the images on my Second Life viewer the same way again…

Morris Vig self-portrait with Torley\'s \"Bridge Opera\" WL preset

If you’re a SL photographer and haven’t found this treasure trove, go get it.  It’s more than worth the effort!

While I’m at it, a little Second Arts love for Torley.  That man single-handedly is keeping the Linden Lab resident relations machine from imploding.  His enthusiasm, creativity, approachability and downright fantastic customer service makes him invaluable.  Are you hearing this, M Linden?

4 Responses

  1. I have Torley’s WindLight settings I downloaded March 6, 2008. Does anyone know if they have changed since then, or am I all set with what I’ve already got? There is no date in the Wiki article that I can see (I wish there was).

    Princess Ivory

  2. /me is still waiting for an answer from someone. Are the Torley presets I downloaded March 6th the most current? Or has he added more that I need to go download? Please? Inquiring mnds need to know. I supose I should just ask Torley, eh?

    Princess Ivory

  3. […] One of these days while I was browsing some Second Life blogs I saw this post by  Morris Vig about Torley Linden presets, that he, generously, had made available for all of us who like to take […]

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