HTML on a prim

Yup – Guess it works! Pretty sharp.
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Another day, another Second Life viewer bug

This time, it’s white bars on the screen.  I swear, Linden Lab just doesn’t want me to take any photos.

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Exciting Chouchou update

Photo by Jojamela SoonTary Allen – while sharing some incredible photography of a Chouchou show she attended – drops this exciting bombshell on Chouchou and SL music fans alike:

I was really glad when juliete shared with the audience that Chouchou has been contacted to release a CD in RL by a record company. Altough, and in her words, a small production, to me it shows that live music in SL has indeed an important role, and that the record companies are keeping a close eye in it.

And that SL musicians have far more to expect besides tips.

Maybe the future of Sl music is not bringing RL artists inworld, but the other way around )

I think Tary’s onto something.

To any record label A&R folks who might be reading this blog: Take a look at this lineup of acts if you’re serious about wanting to sign some top Second Life-oriented music talent. (And, no, I am not collecting a single penny for promoting these artists. I just admire their talent.)

Torley’s WindLight presets

My oh my oh my… Torley Linden put his personal collection of WindLight sky and water presets up for free download on the Second Life Wiki.  I’ll never look at the images on my Second Life viewer the same way again…

Morris Vig self-portrait with Torley\'s \"Bridge Opera\" WL preset

If you’re a SL photographer and haven’t found this treasure trove, go get it.  It’s more than worth the effort!

While I’m at it, a little Second Arts love for Torley.  That man single-handedly is keeping the Linden Lab resident relations machine from imploding.  His enthusiasm, creativity, approachability and downright fantastic customer service makes him invaluable.  Are you hearing this, M Linden?