“Approach” by Jennifer Hana

Love this piece, with the radiant particle “glow” from the lightbulbs…
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Linden Lab: It’s YOUR fault, Morris

OK, time to gripe.

I have had a problem with the SL Release Candidate viewer. I get this crazy grid pattern on my high-resolution snapshots.

So I filed a trouble report on the Second Life JIRA – the bug reporting system – as we residents are supposed to do. A friendly fellow user suggested that I download the latest driver, and I did. Same problem came up. I downloaded the latest Release Candidate viewer at the direction of Linden Lab. Same problems.

And, wouldn’t you know, Alexa Linden reclassified my ticket as “Resolved” because she could not reproduce the bug. As in, “Morris, it’s your fault. MY viewer works fine!

Problem is, other people are getting the same types of errors.

Guess other people can reproduce it. Try again, Lindens.

I’m so glad I’ve slashed my tier. I love Second Life, but the Lindens and their “It’s not our fault” attitude to customer service is mind-bending.

[UPDATE: Another report of the same type of error. How many individual users have to accept fault/blame before Linden Lab fixes the freakin’ problem?]