Where should I be walking?

I’m out on walkabout, seeing what there is to see, grabbing the occasional machinima footage, taking snapshots (with “nifty” grid patterns thrown in by Linden Lab for free…grumble grumble) and getting a feel for what the Second Life grid has to offer. But I know that I’m missing a lot. And, sadly, RL isn’t offering me the opportunity just to stumble around the grid like I’d wish.

So I’ll throw it out to you, dear readers: Where should I take my walkabout? What places on the Second Life grid are so special that they demand to be seen? I’m thinking about the truly great builds, like Svarga and Zero Point.

Leave some ideas in your comments. I’m interested in your suggestions and will follow up as quickly as time permits.

2 Responses

  1. Okay, you must have been all over the NPIRL Garden by now. I think that’s worth more than one visit.

    Hmmm, I look through Sanpzilla for interesting things. It has the slurl connected with the snapshot. That’s how I ran into you and Calli at The Quiet. I was following her snapshot on Snapzilla. And obviously it was within a few minutes of her posting the picture.

  2. Oooo, I always recommend Cowell village for its beauty and Kahruvel forest for its sheer scale. Once there, make sure you look into its history as I think you’ll love the depth it adds to this world šŸ™‚

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