Chilling at The Gaslight

Another evening, another show…this time, Jon Bazar. I figured I’d just mess with Windlight and grab a snap while listening…not a bad way to wind up a long weekend!
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The first Oyster Bay book has arrived

Former Oyster Bay manager Isolde Flamand received her copy of the Oyster Bay book this past week.  She remarked that it covered a LOT of ground and brought back many, many memories.  Comments like that do a guy’s heart good.

If UPS is correct, mine should arrive this week.  CAN’T WAIT!

So who’s on Twitter?

I just started a Twitter account yesterday at the recommendation of Princess Ivory, but it looks like it would be a lot more fun if more people were in my Twitter network.

Is anyone else on Twitter?  Add me!

AM Radio’s “The Quiet”

AM’s got a new build, and his textures are outta sight (as always). The sim is a simple build, focussing on the immersive quality and feelings of simplicity and serenity. In many ways, this is like his wheatfield build, but this one focusses more on the isolation of winter. Well done, worth the visit. Thanks to Calli for showing this to me!
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Memorial Day weekend walkabout

Reflecting about the upcoming US Memorial Day, where we honor those who fought and died for our country, I felt the urge to search the grid for Memorial Day-themed builds.  (Probably didn’t hurt that I watched Clint Eastwood’s “Flags of Our Fathers” last night, either.)  Here’s what I came up with:

If you want to check any out yourself, here are the SLURLs:

For my money, though, the Royal British Legion’s Cenotaph and Garden of Remembrance was the most powerful war memorial on the grid.  Check out the video at this link.  Sadly, that sim appears to be gone, so the video is all you get…

Is ANYTHING in SL real any more?

I just got this in the form of an inworld IM:

[20:26] Lift Schmooz: NOTICE: You are chatting with an avatar who’s responses are controlled by an articifical intelligence engine. Have fun, but understand this is not a real person and all conversations are logged.

What the? I’m IM’ing with a computer program? Unbelievable. Bots are everywhere. You might think that the Humans Are Dead! (Warning: Language gets a little crude…)

I won’t make the NY Times best-seller list…

…but I’m surprised and pleased that five copies of the Oyster Bay book have been sold (not including my copy). 4 softcover and 1 hardcover.

5 copies. All in 1 week. Who knew?

/me smiles