The Linden Department of Unintended Consequences

From Snapzilla, a photo comment by Marianne McCann:

It was a good dream, though

Reality hits Bay City. Flippers paid obscene prices for those lots, and now expect to turn a profit. Expect to see ugly, spinning boxes for a very, very long time. My store *could* have been in this view.

Imagine what could have been. A somewhat quirky area. expensive, sure, but filled with passionate SLers who make some cool stuff (which is why the can afford it). Beautiful, in-theme buildings. A place worth walking around in an enjoying, where you can actually “window shop” in some real form. Maybe even have a little brownstone of your own to live out of in what would be a thriving community.

A good dream, killed.

Marianne’s not alone.  Look through the comments on the Bay City “Content Package” blog entry at  Most of the more critical feedback focussed on the land flippers, and some went into the larger question of why Linden Lab is getting into the land development business (an even more germane issue after reading the more substantive parts of M Linden’s recent blog entry that highlights his understanding that the new user experience is not good, to say the least).

I can only hope that Linden Lab didn’t know what they were getting themselves into with this Bay City concept.  Best of intentions, yes.  No question there.  Now, however, their shining example of content has ad farms and spinning “property for sale” prims.

Think, Lindens.  Think.

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