Is ANYTHING in SL real any more?

I just got this in the form of an inworld IM:

[20:26] Lift Schmooz: NOTICE: You are chatting with an avatar who’s responses are controlled by an articifical intelligence engine. Have fun, but understand this is not a real person and all conversations are logged.

What the? I’m IM’ing with a computer program? Unbelievable. Bots are everywhere. You might think that the Humans Are Dead! (Warning: Language gets a little crude…)

I won’t make the NY Times best-seller list…

…but I’m surprised and pleased that five copies of the Oyster Bay book have been sold (not including my copy). 4 softcover and 1 hardcover.

5 copies. All in 1 week. Who knew?

/me smiles

My music journey, courtesy of Second Life

Lest anyone think that Mr. Vig inhabits Second Life only to ridicule Linden Lab when not navel-gazing, let me take inspiration from the finale of “American Idol” and share a little about perhaps my favorite aspect of Second Life – the music scene. Someone said that live music is Second Life’s “killer app,” and I would tend to agree thus far. Let the corporate types meet and ponder their game-changing paradigms, I’ll go to a show. And I go just about every night that I’m inworld. The old DJ in me comes out at night…

I was introduced to the music scene by Breeze Winnfield, one of the great sim-builders…who might not be inworld any longer. I haven’t heard from her in months. Anyway, she invited me to explore the music world with her. Breeze is a rootsy-bluesy music fan, so her initial tour played to those strengths. Learn all about my music voyage after the fold… Continue reading