Linden Lab’s “Bay City”

OK, so my walkabout led me to the new Linden Lab-commissioned Bay City. By “commissioned,” I mean the new Linden Department of Public Works has built out the rough infrastructure of a multi-sim build with the eventual goal of selling off parcels within this layout. No question – it’s a pretty build. But what is Linden Lab doing getting into content creation? Are they THAT dissatisfied with the quality of their resident-built environment? Has the Second Life contract build consulting market gone so sour that Linden has to prop up these creative minds to help them compensate for the depressed Second Life economy?

And what of the private land owners? Take a look at this comment from the Linden blog:

anyone want to buy a bunch of sims. ill sell them dog cheap. i cant compete with this land giving sl has started so have at my islands i give up!! i have 5 sims and not making anything close to the time i have to put in., buy up there land people. buy into what they are planning to do. its not an open market. its sl thats the market now. just bitter over all this and want out.

It just doesn’t make sense.

2 Responses

  1. I’ve asked myself the same question lately. Maybe, just maybe, LL has decided to enter the content creation market, and get their share of Linden Dollars.

    Anyway Bay City is nicely built but it don´t has a feelling, or maybe its just me, I’ll have to go back there one of these days 🙂

  2. If LL can keep the blight (adfarms and such) out of Bay City, why can’t they do that for the rest of the mainland.

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