Chouchou featured on SLCN’s “Tonight Live”

If you haven’t been to the Chouchou sim, go check it out. It’s remarkably engrossing, especially as a minimalist design (at ground level…the upper level is something else altogether!). My photo from the beach (“Homeless Again“) was taken at Chouchou.

Chouchou (pronounced shoo-shoo) is a Second Life musical act. One’s in the USA, one’s in Japan. They only perform in the Second Life grid, but their music is available at their MySpace page and through their blog. Wonderful, lush, ambient music.

SLCN’s Paisley Beebe showcased Chouchou’s members, Juliet Heberle and arabesque Choche, on “Tonight Live.” (Speed through to the halfway point of the show to hear them play) The emotional response they bring is right up there with Origin Rang…just a totally different form of music. Nice interview, too. Paisley’s a pro.

Definitely worth checking out…the sim, the music, the video.

[UPDATE: Full disclosure – I didn’t take this photo…Aadec Alexandria did.  Any wonder that it’s a “Best of Snapzilla“?]

3 Responses

  1. Check out Don Hosho’s Koinup prize winning photo. I think he took it at the same place. But he replaced the water texture with sheet music. Very cool.

    Nice photograph, Morris.

    Princess Ivory

  2. Beautifull photo Morris.

    And the upper levels of Chou-Chou are really someting too

  3. I’m kinda proud of one of the photos I took at Chou-Chou, for what it’s worth…

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