Homeless again

It’s the night of my first night without any property to my name in about 18 months. The walkabout now takes on a new twist, one I’m not sure I entirely thought of when I took this path in my slife. What was a quest for SLpurpose and the never-ending search for creativity and innovation has turned into a search for a place – literally and figuratively – in my slife. With the property gone, I am no longer tied to the old. But what is the new? A fantastic voyage, indeed.
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  1. Morris,

    I am in the process of selling off my property too. I have one plot left for sale. That sale will leave me with 7168 sqm of water, on the edge of a 4-sim collection of Protected Linden Oceans. My husband has urged me not to sell this property. He fears I will regret it. So I hold it for now.

    It feels very strange to no longer own 32k+ sqm of land. Strangely liberating, actually. I am in my own way at the beginning of a new path; my own version of your “walkabout.” I have made large changes to my Second Life, and it is very unsettling. My walkabout includes the consideration of whether or not I even stay in SL at all.

    Perhaps our walkabouts will cross, or meet up at some point, and we will walk the same path together for a while. 🙂

    Time will tell.

    Happy Trails,
    Princess Ivory

  2. I popped in to NCI South last night to see if there any stray new people that might need help and caught the tail end of Shawk Pertwee selling some of his land in Hamnida sim to Wellington Beam. Much like you, RL has something new for him that will take a lot of his time and being a large SL landowner was no longer feasible.

    Freeport Alliance and Oyster Bay were two of my “touchstones” when I was new; each different but both good places to visit repeatedly in my own wanderings.

    Here’s to new touchstones and the pleasures of wandering the grid. Cheers, Morris.

  3. So now you’re a loiterer, like me. 🙂 There’s sort of a bit of comfort that comes from owning part of SL, but there’s a sense of Wanderlust that comes from not owning any of it. Both feelings are nice in their own ways.

  4. […] level…the upper level is something else altogether!).  My photo from the beach (”Homeless Again“) was taken at […]

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