Homeless again

It’s the night of my first night without any property to my name in about 18 months. The walkabout now takes on a new twist, one I’m not sure I entirely thought of when I took this path in my slife. What was a quest for SLpurpose and the never-ending search for creativity and innovation has turned into a search for a place – literally and figuratively – in my slife. With the property gone, I am no longer tied to the old. But what is the new? A fantastic voyage, indeed.
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My last day as an Oyster sim landowner

I’m selling out today…it’s time to move along. This is GREAT property, with all of the unobstructed waterfront. I’m sure someone’s going to love it. Just had to get a view of one last sunset behind Galaxi’s iconic treehouse at the mouth of the river…
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