Gore Suntzu’s Swirly Thingies Exhibition

Gore Suntzu takes full advantage of the Fashion Research Institute’s build to show off his “Prim Abuses” – wonderful, kinetic, colorful constructs of fire and light.

Gore was one of the last (if not the last) artists that I actively recruited to come to Oyster Bay, and I only was able to show one of his pieces at a time. This collection of 10-15 pieces really shows his range.
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Here’s a copy of the notecard Gore offered me:

The Prims Abuser – Gore Suntzu’s Swirly Thingies Exibition

From 15 of May to The 15 of June

Reception (mean i will be there if u wanna come and say Heyya!) : Thursday 15 4-6 PM SLT

And now for (..bore you some more) your joy… some lines about my abuses and me

My abuses are unreal prims sculpture made with sculpties , and with some lil scripting to make them alive, the best word i can use for describe them is “pulsating”, they have a meaning? boh i dont know, but if the music is nice, the moon is full sometime can happen that they catch the mood of the ppl that are looking at them.

Artist Statement (iz serious stuff really..)

I never considered myself the artistic kind of man,

Secondlife helped me discover this side of myself.

I don’t know if what i do can be considered art , for me is more an act of exploration looking for a a symmetrical dynamic movement, a metaverse heartbeat. It all start with a prim abused , that’s why i call them prims abuses (but don’t worry most of the times they don’t complain, to tell you the truth i belive they like it), than i look what happen. I never start with a plan in mind, i believe that the prim know by itself where to go. (kai this line is sily lol)

I believe this is a good example how powerful Second Life can be ( and i hope this will not change in the future).
Without this place well i hardly imagine myself, in the quest of tryn to explain the meaning of my “art”.

and for finshing a quote that make all the note more intellectually appropriate

The object of art is to give (Second) life a shape.
William Shakespeare

————–Remember to set sun on midnight and glow on for enjoy abuses at maximum———————

2 Responses

  1. rage? yes! i get to watch most abuses be born, but this week it totally evolved into a very healthy rage & was incredible :)))))

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