Gore Suntzu’s Swirly Thingies Exhibition

Gore Suntzu takes full advantage of the Fashion Research Institute’s build to show off his “Prim Abuses” – wonderful, kinetic, colorful constructs of fire and light.

Gore was one of the last (if not the last) artists that I actively recruited to come to Oyster Bay, and I only was able to show one of his pieces at a time. This collection of 10-15 pieces really shows his range.
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Callipygian Christensen’s “Views of Second Life” show

Calli has another wonderful show up here…some wonderful “landscape” shots. I only wish that she had room for a few more pieces! That being said, the works that are on display are definitely worth seeing.
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Announcing the Oyster Bay (RL) book

No, the typo on this graphic is not on the cover of the book...

I’m excited to have finished a project that I’ve been working on since just after Oyster Bay closed – my pictorial history of Oyster Bay. I combed everywhere I could find to chronologically tell the story of Oyster Bay in pictures. There are almost 700 images in this 200-page publication (7″x7″ size, which holds 4 SL snapshots per page with no deterioration of photo quality) covering so much of the Oyster Bay experience. It’s a great walk down memory lane!

I used Blurb.com to publish the book, and you can order one in hardcover or softcover here. (You can also preview it at the link as well.) Because so many of the photos were not mine, I’m not taking any profit on the book – just letting Blurb charge what they charge.

Anyone who knows me knows that the history of Second Life is an ongoing preoccupation of mine. The Oyster Bay book is my way to ensure that at least a few of us who care have our own slice of history in this magical time of the 3D internet.


(Oh, use the promotion code “istockphoto2008” through July 31, 2008 to save $7.00 on shipping. Yay!)