Koinonia Congregational Church

Wednesday’s walkabout found me stumbling upon the Koinonia Congregational Church just as they were about to begin their evening services.  Never having attended church in Second Life (I don’t count the First SL Church of Elvis as “church” — sorry, King), I thought I would stay and partake.

The service was very well attended,and felt like a RL church experience.  Sophianne Rhode, the pastor led the services, and she offered a beautiful sermon about the Holy Trinity.  The decidedly SL moment in the services was when she turned a particle generator on to visualize how water can have 3 forms – solid, liquid and gas – just as God has 3 forms.  (She joked afterwards that it was pulled from a children’s service that she observed…but, hey, go with a good thing!)

The build itself, by Troy Vogel, was just incredible.  Very Frank Lloyd Wright-ish, I think.  I found this to be a wonderful place of contemplation and reflection.  In fact, I liked it so much that I took some footage after the service ended and a few of us were sitting around, listening to some music.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=917677&dest=-1]

It was a unique experience for me in SL, one that I very well might return to.  The Koinonia Congregational Church is building a beautiful community of faith.