Your typical classical music crowd

Continuing the exploration of the grid that is my walkabout, I’m hanging at Fire N Ice Gardens and watching Chapi Paisley on violin and Charity Zipper on piano. Always nice to listen to Beethoven from a tiki bar!
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Relaxing on my walkabout

I’m hanging out in the new “Relic” build, which is deliberately being built for WindLight and renderglow, especially. What a darkly lush place. After playing with the WindLight sky settings, I think that this might be one of the best builds that I’ve seen in a long, long time. Each sky setting gives a totally different view, and the glow gets picked up in all sorts of ways. What a great place…highly recommended.
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UPDATE: A brief slideshow of some of the graet WindLight/renderglow combinations, using yours truly as the very compliant model…

Linden Lab had better watch out

Competitive pressures are mounting in the virtual world market…and it’s coming from within. Get this:

Linden had better watch itself.  The genie is out of the bottle – it came out when they took the initiative to open source their viewer.  Reverse engineering should have been presumed, and it’s only a matter of time before the open source community makes an OpenSim foundation that will exceed the performance of Second Life.  The IBM prim count post shows that such developments aren’t that far away.  (Perhaps the reason is that IBM is using better servers…wouldn’t surprise me.  Point is, the technology is getting away from Linden Lab.)

Then, the megaprim patch is out there.  OpenSim will surely take advantage…they’d be stupid not to.  So when given the opportunity to get a “Second Life” (generically speaking) experience at the same or less cost, with the same or more prims at your disposal, and with the capacity to make megaprims – I know what I’d do.  How about you?

Sigh.  And I vowed to do less of this type of commentary…