One last muse for the day regarding things griddish

If Linden Lab wanted to put its money where its mouth is, it would offer a percentage tier refund to paying customers proportional to the amount of time that the grid is down.  As in, “We couldn’t provide service to you paying customers for 5% of the time last month, so here’s a 5% refund.  Sorry – we’ll do better next time.”

That’ll be the day.

3 Responses

  1. Dream on, Morris. Why do you think I am selling off all my land? I refuse to continue to pay $125 USD tier a month for a product that is broken. Just can’t continue to justify it. $125 buys a lot of groceries in RL.

    Princess Ivory

  2. Or a tank of gas!

  3. LOL – We just traded in our car for a hybrid – Toyota Prius. Got over 350 miles on the first tank of gas!


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