One last muse for the day regarding things griddish

If Linden Lab wanted to put its money where its mouth is, it would offer a percentage tier refund to paying customers proportional to the amount of time that the grid is down.  As in, “We couldn’t provide service to you paying customers for 5% of the time last month, so here’s a 5% refund.  Sorry – we’ll do better next time.”

That’ll be the day.

Random musings about things griddish

It was another crazy day in RL today, so please bear with me while I vent as I review my NetVibes collection of Second Life-related blogs:

  • The Second Life blog is old news. If you really want to know what’s going on in Second Life, you need to pay close attention to the Second Life Grid Status Report blog… especially with the “now you see it, now you don’t” approach to asset server availability. (As referenced here, here, here, here, and here…among other places. And, yes, those are all unique incidences of problems.)
  • If you really (REALLY) want to know what’s going on across the grid, the Second Life Herald probably has as good an ear to the ground as any place. But I won’t admit that I told you, lest some reformed griefer plants me in a Bill Cosby “jello” prim while I’m AFK.
  • Speaking of the Second Life Herald, they tell us that the Feds are onto the sweatshop that is Second Life. Or at least as it relates to the larger metaverse development companies, who often look at the Linden dollar to US dollar relationship as a 1:1 ratio. Yup, Sheep, you get to pay taxes for those serfs – errrr – employees of yours.
  • Goodbye, Ritchey Sealey-RL Australian Artist. I finally followed the counsel of way too many talented friends who abandoned the spam of the Art & Artist Network; Creatives, Artists & Musicians and Second Life Artists groups. And my viewer (and email, when I’m not inworld) has never been more tranquil. It’s kind of funny, all this marketing from artists…to artists…in the hopes that artists will buy another artists’ art. Don’t you think that – oh – growing the circle of art enthusiasts might be better? (Leave it for me to say that; I’m a prime ex-group spammer. Did I tell you about the Madcow Cosmos “14 Days, 14 Sculptures” show in the last hour? What about “Hidden Starax”?)
  • What happened to the discussion about intellectual property and content theft? Did the Linden inaction policy wear everyone out already?
  • Dusan Writer is a megaprim tease. To tell the world that there’s a patch to allow users to make megaprims on their own? And not tell us how to get the patch? D’oh! (Don’t worry, Dusan, you’re in good company. The only other tease I’ve identified was Torley Linden, who somehow remains a WindLight tease even though WindLight is part of the standard viewers. But you CAN forward that patch to morrisvig <at> sbcglobal <dot> net…)
  • The idea of offering a free Iron Man avatar in Second Life is freaking genius. That avi is so choice…and works GREAT in SL. I mean, look at this Flickr group. Or this machinima contest. (Thanks to New World News for the tip on the contest.)
  • Dusan Writer is a megaprim tease, but Nicholaz is The Man. His latest “eye candy” viewer has the megaprim patch. Now, Nicholaz, just include support for my 3D Space Navigator control, and I’ll abandon that official viewer faster than you can say, “My viewer crashed again.”
  • Prokofy Neva is right more than wrong. But don’t tell Prok I said that, lest I get labeled as some fascio-commu-liberal noob.
  • Good luck to you business-types…just don’t interrupt my recreational experience that is Second Life. Or wonder why I don’t care that you’re inworld.
  • Gwyneth Llewelyn’s avi has huge eyes. Really. Look for yourself. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Whew. That was cathartic.  Back to the walkabout!

35,000 page views!

You'd think it was Christmas!Another milestone passed!  The last 5,000 have shown a marked increase in reader response, which makes the blog all the more fun to produce.

As always, thanks for your interest and support of the Second Arts – and the Second Arts blog!